Just some words…happy 13th monthsery babe mwah

You are handsome inside and ouy my dearest. Your heart radiates love. Your soul shines like the heavens. If it rains, you let it pour. You don’t get wet but you feel the rain. There are many lonely days but we fight those horrible dreams away because we know they are going to turn from a wave to a rain. From a rain to a sprinkle. from a mist to evaporation. We must wait for this process that makes us feel like we’re suffocating and being torn open for everyone to see. We must hold our breath , close our eyes, and hope for the best. For when we open them, we will awake from our nightmares. We will have a wall that keeps the waves from crashing upon us. You might wonder how did it get there. Look over to your side. There is someone there holding your hand, smiling, telling you it will be ok now. We have eachother

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1 year say whhaaaat?!

We’ve been together for a little over a year now. Wow…time flys when you’re in love. It feels like yesterday you told me I was your girlfriend. I am so blessed to have such a sweet young man to take care of me and listen to my problems and still love me for them. I pray we have many more years to come

The best 5 minutes of my life.

Tonight we were both really tired, in fact exhausted. You needed to sleep before you headed to work but I didn’t want to be alone tonight. I didn’t want to fall asleep without seeing your face and that smile. I was being clingy and asked you to stay for five more minutes. We talked, we laughed, we closed are eyes together but opening one to get a peak a the other one. The five minutes turned into an hour. I am still up just missing you so dearly. I cannot get enough of your love. I wish this could be every night with you. I love and miss you Boo.

I love you so much

happy 10 months babe! I know we’ve both been busy lately but I’m glad we still have eachother! love you so much boo!

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I forgot his birthday…

oh my boo… I forgot your birthday… our first birthday of yours together and I ruined it.. i know you won’t say so but I know you were disappointed, I would be to. I Love you very much and wish I could make it up to you by taking you out or simply by giving you a hug and a kiss. I love you so very much and I just wanted to tell you 23 things I love about you c:

  1. I love the way your lips move into a smile.
  2. I love how you love me, even though I’m horrible sometimes most times.
  3. I love how you forgive.
  4. I love how you are a guy full of faith.
  5. I love how you make others smile.
  6. I love how you make little chibi drawings.
  7. I love how you are stylish.
  8. I love how you write on your converse.
  9. I love your eyes.
  10. I love your skin tone.
  11. I love how you look in pink shirts. 
  12. I love how you understand.
  13. I love how you are sweet.
  14. I love how you cook.
  15. I love how everyone around you loves you.
  16. I love how you are so eloquent with words.
  17. I love how you write poems
  18. I love how you took a picture of those purple flowers for me.
  19. I love how you are both so cute yet handsome at the same time.
  20. I love how you will be such a great father.
  21. I love how you handle a relationship.
  22. I love how you pray so much.
  23. I love you

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Made you a new desktop screen…hope you like it :3 

Made you a new desktop screen…hope you like it :3 

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things I love in this picture:

1. Let’s talk about his scarf…perfection and so CUTEEEEEEE I really cannot get over how he does his scarf. like for reals….so dam cute.

2. He looks like totally cool and awesome but he is totally a dork with me and I love it.

3. HE IS SO GOOD WITH CHILDREN… he will be a great father someday T.T I mean just look at him…so cute >.<

4. that perfect smile…JUST SO PERFECT

5. I love how he is wearing black jeans to match his black scarf *.*

6. them shoes doe. 

7. yeah hes pretty much the best guy I could ask for

8. oh yeah and he’s mine <3

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can we please get these someday&#8230;

can we please get these someday…

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Christmas Wish List:

  • you
  • you
  • you
  • you
  • you
  • & you

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Making another comic? Maybe so.


Making another comic? Maybe so.

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